The Environments of the Poor in South Asia

Poverty and environmental factors are interlinked and hold crucial importance for economic development. The poor depend so much on their natural resource base and primary production sources that the degradation of the environment has a disproportionately deleterious impact on their livelihoods. This book is a thematic collection of previously unpublished essays on the condition of poor in difficult environmental conditions and documents some empirical observations on interrelationship between poverty and environment. It covers Rajasthan and Odisha in India as case-studies of dry region; Sundar-ban delta as coastal region; India and Bangladesh's urban areas as slum regions; Nepal as upland; and Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as coastland case-study, and analyses the impact of depleting natural resources there.


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Anushree Sinha, Armin Bauer, Paul Bullen
Mar 2015

Environment, Poverty