Indian Youth: Demographics and Readership

This report explores the reading habits of literate youth in the age group of 13 to 35 with special focus on 'leisure books' or 'non-text' reading material. The facts and figures presented in the report are based on the National Youth Readership Survey 2009 undertaken by NCAER on behalf of the National Book Trust, India under the latter’s National Action Plan for the Readership Development among the Youth (NAPRDY).

Rajesh Shukla,  Palash Baruah,  Joydeep Goswami,  Rupinder Kaur,  Preeti Kakkar, Lokesh Dwivedi,  Harsha T. Dutt,  Pallavi Kalita,  K A SiddiquiPrabir Kumar GhoshOm Prakash Sharma,  Rachna Sharma, K.J. Khan