Second Tourism Satellite Account for India, 2009-10

The aim of this study, commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism, was to prepare the Second Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) for India for 2009–10. The TSA is a set of 10 comprehensive tourism-specific tables/ accounts, which are prepared following international guidelines. These tables help in estimating the contribution of tourism to the Indian economy with respect to GDP and the employment it generates. The indirect contribution, using the input-output model, was also taken into account. The TSA was also prepared for two states—Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. The final TSA report was submitted, in time, in November 2012 and the state reports in December 2012.

Poonam Munjal,  Ramesh Kolli, Amit Sharma, Praveen Rawat, Kiran Sheokand
Nov 2012

Industry, Macroeconomics