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Gross State Domestic Product of Daman and Diu

NCAER computed the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) Daman and Diu for the years 2008-09 to 2012-13. The UT is dominated by registered manufacturing. Its per capita income is approximately five times that of India. However, the growth of the economy had faltered during the period of the study,...

Bornali Bhandari, R P Katyal, Ajaya Kumar Sahu, Sudha Chaurasia, Sanchit Singhal, Manan Bhatia
Mar 2016
Enhancing the Scope and Quality of Indian FDI Statistics

India has been amongst the world’s twenty largest hosts to foreign direct investment (FDI) for much of the period between 2006 and 2014. In 2014, it became the world’s ninth largest FDI recipient, and the Indian government is prioritising FDI as a key driver for economic growth, employment and...

Premila Nazareth Satyanand, Bornali Bhandari, Aakshi Wadhwa, Namrata Saraogi, Chavi Meattle, Sanchit Singhal
Mar 2016
India Policy Forum 2014-15

This India Policy Forum 2014–15 comprises papers and highlights of the discussions at the 11th India Policy Forum (IPF) held in New Delhi on July 15–16, 2014. The IPF explores India’s rapidly evolving and sometimes tumultuous economic transition and its underlying reform process using...

Shekhar Shah, Arvind Panagariya, Subir Gokarn
Jul 2015
The NCAER State Investment Potential Index (N-SIPI) 2016

NCAER-State Investment Potential Index or N-SIPI is an evidence-based index that combines published secondary data on key relevant parameters with an extensive industry survey conducted by NCAER across twenty states and the Union Territory of Delhi. It is uniquely poised to provide a single...

Indira Iyer, Mythili Bhusnurmath, Poonam Munjal, Pallavi Choudhuri, Asrar Alam, Amit Sharma, K Subbaraje Urs
Mar 2016
Factors Impacting Railway Freight Traffic in India

The Indian Railway (IR) system is one of the four railway systems in the world that transports more than one billion tonnes of traffic annually. As against a growth of 4 per cent to 4.5 per cent in the last few years, IR is likely to achieve only 1 per cent growth in 2015–16. This is indicative of...

Saurabh Bandyopadhyay, Palash Baruah, D B Gupta
Feb 2016
Agricultural Outlook and Situation Analysis Reports: Rabi Outlook Report January 2016

The current outlook for agricultural growth in 2015-16 appears moderate at best at this juncture and is expected to remain similar to the 2014-15 growth rate of 0.2 per cent. The findings of this NCAER report are based on a comprehensive assessment of farm input prices and availability, monsoon...

Rajesh Chadha, Ayyapasore Govindan, Laxmi Joshi, V. P. Ahuja, Charu Jain, Shesadri Banerjee
Jan 2016
Evaluation Study of Targeted Public Distribution System in Selected States

Using primary survey data, this report assesses whether, and to what extent, the weaknesses noted by past evaluation studies on the TPDS have been adequately addressed by state governments. Six states viz., Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal are covered. Of these,...

Sohini Paul
Sep 2015
Agricultural Outlook and Situation Analysis Reports

The need for monitoring and analysis of emerging food scenarios is important for India both because of significant dependence of output on the monsoon rains and the fact that globally India is one of the major consumers of food crops influencing markets. Management of agriculture from a public...

Rajesh Chadha, Ayyapasore Govindan, Laxmi Joshi, V. P. Ahuja, Charu Jain, Shesadri Banerjee, Sameer Kumar Mondal
Sep 2015
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