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Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy 2013-14

NCAER, the National Council of Applied Economic Research, is privileged to present the 2013-14 Malcolm S. Adiseshiah Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy for the third successive year in partnership with the India International Centre.

Saurabh Bandyopadhyay, Bornali Bhandari, Mythili Bhusnurmath, Rajesh Chadha, Purna Chandra Parida, Anil K Sharma, Anjali Tandon
Sep 2014
What India's MPs Want to Know About Foreign Direct Investment

This note summarises the findings from NCAER’s analysis of the written questions on FDI that Members of Parliament (MPs) submitted in Parliament between 2 July 2009 and 21 February 2014. While the purpose of this analysis was to understand the types of FDI-related information MPs typically seek...

Premila Nazareth Satyanand
Mar 2015
Agricultural Outlook and Situation Analysis Reports: Quarterly Agricultural Outlook Report January-March 2014

The nature of monsoon in terms of amount of rainfall received during the months of June-September and distribution of rainfall across regions of the country and over the four month period remains the most important determinant of annual agricultural harvest in the country.

Shashanka Bhide, Laxmi Joshi, Charu Jain, Himani Gupta
Jul 2014
Policy Brief: India Human Development

Will limiting rural employment guarantees to the 200 poorest districts improve targeting? Probably not. Results from the India Human Development Survey suggest that targeting districts is likely to be ineffective—and that it may be better to target households.

Sonalde Desai
Dec 2014
Background Paper on Issues related to Land Economics

This paper focuses on the implications of various land use policies being adopted in India with special reference to Delhi and the NCR region. It examines how far the economic reforms coupled with several changes in land use policies have helped spread development to neighbouring areas surrounding...

Jatinder S Bedi
Jun 2014
Macro Track January 2014

Content: 100 Days under MGNREGA-Reality or Myth?; Drivers of Poor Manufacturing Growth; Diaspora and Development through Business Networks; Healthcare in India: Challenges and Possibilities.

Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal, Anushree Sinha, Poonam Munjal, Amit Sharma, Seema Sangita, Sohini Paul
Jan 2014
Quarterly Review January 2014

Forecast; Agriculture; Industry; Services; Money and Capital Markets; External Sector; Prices; Public Finance

Jan 2014
Macro Track December 2013

Prices: Inflationary Expectations.; Gender: Gender Educational Gap: Evidence from India.; Information, Communication and Technology (ICT): e-Governance: Smart Government for Smart People.

Dec 2013
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