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Lessons from Disease and Economic Surveillance during COVID in India

This paper describes disease and economic surveillance during COVID, along with the uses of that surveillance, and lessons learned about the pandemic from that surveillance. It ends with policy suggestions on how to gather intelligence during the next pandemic in India and how surveillance informs...

Anup Malani
Aug 2022
India’s Services Sector Growth: The Impact of Services Trade on Non-tradable Services

This paper examines the effect of tradable services growth on non-tradable services across Indian districts. We use a shift-share “Bartik-type” instrumental variable, that relies on changes in foreign demand shocks for tradable services, weighted by the initial district employment shares in...

Besart Avdiu, Karan Singh Bagavathinathan, Ritam Chaurey, Gaurav Nayyar
Aug 2022
Privatization of Public Sector Banks in India: Why, How and How Far

Banks play a critical role in economic growth. In India, the banking sector, dominated by public sector banks (PSBs), has underserved the economy and their stakeholders. The under-performance of PSBs has persisted despite several policy initiatives during the past decade. Meanwhile, private banks...

Poonam Gupta, Arvind Panagariya
Aug 2022
Assessing the Use of Land as Collateral for Accessing Credit from Institutional Sources in Rural India

Data on access to credit in rural India is mostly available from periodic large-scale surveys and some primary research in different parts of India. The growth of institutional sources of credit was quite dramatic during the first four decades after Independence. There appears to have been a...

Prerna Prabhakar, Nishika Pal, Deepak Sanan, Somnath Sen
Aug 2022
Understanding Implications of Dairy Sector Development to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Various policy mechanisms are available to support the positive effects of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reduce the negative outcomes of economic activities on the environment through effective interventions. To preserve the integration of dairy development strategies and practices...

Saurabh Bandyopadhyay, Laxmi Joshi
May 2022
A Central Bank Digital Currency for India?

We review arguments for CBDC issuance in India. These include facilitating payments, enhancing financial inclusion, enabling the central bank and government to retain control of the payments system, facilitating cross-border payments, reducing dependence on the dollar-dominated global payments...

Barry Eichengreen, Poonam Gupta, Tim Marple
May 2022
Slowdown of the Indian Economy during 2019-20: An Enigma or an Anomaly

In this paper, we analyze the deep and anomalous economic slowdown in 2019-20, when the Indian economy grew at a rate of 4 percent, the lowest in a decade. We argue that the slowdown was largely confined to one year, 2019-20. The growth rate in the prior years averaged at 7 percent a year, and in...

Poonam Gupta, Abhinav
Apr 2022
Coverage and Nonresponse Bias in Telephone Surveys during the COVID-19 Lockdown in India

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, telephone surveys have been used extensively for carrying out studies on health knowledge, morbidity, and mortality surveillance. In order to understand the extent of different sources of non-observation errors in telephone surveys, we compare the distributions...

Santanu Pramanik, Neerad Deshmukh, Bijay Chouhan, Manjistha Banerji, Reem Ashraf, Dinesh Kumar Tiwari, Sonalde Desai
Mar 2022
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