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Input Output Transactions Table 2017-18 Himachal Pradesh

Input-Output Transactions Table (IOTT) is the matrix representation of a nation’s or a region’s economy, and is used to analyse the inter-industry relations therein, depicting how the output of one industry is used as input in other industries, thereby making each industry dependent on other...

Poonam Munjal, K A Siddiqui, Devender Pratap, Palash Baruah, Asrar Alam
Jul 2022
Study to Assess the Availability of Resources for Creating the Assets and Initiatives taken for Generating Various Own Sources of Revenue

The main emphasis of the 73rd Amendment of the Constitution of India is to ensure uniformity between the functional responsibilities and the financial resources of the three-tier Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs). For this, the Gram Panchayat (GP) plays a dynamic role as an agency of local...

Saurabh Bandyopadhyay, Anushree Sinha, Soumi Roy Chowdhury, Laxmi Joshi, Rajesh Jaiswal, Gautam Kumar Das, Gargi Pal, Vaishali Jain, Sanskriti Bahl, Falak Naz, Sree Sanyal, Mohit Krishna, Dhruv Pratap Singh, Rahat Hasan Khan, Akansha Agarwal, Priyanshi Chaudhary, Sonal Jain
May 2022
Healthcare seeking pathways in Uttar Pradesh and Odisha, India

This report is from a study conducted by the NCAER and the Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne, Australia. It seeks to explore the treatment seeking pathways and associated cost of the people living in Odisha and Uttar Pradesh in relation to a chronic respiratory...

Prabir Kumar Ghosh, Sumit Kane, Sumit Kumar, Shayequa Zeenat Ali, Sagari Sahu, Sree Sanyal, Madhura Chowdhuri, Barbara McPake, Ajay Mahal
Oct 2021
Present and Potential Contribution of Microfinance to India’s Economy

This study by NCAER provides an assessment of the impact of microfinance on the macro economy, focusing on the activities of Nonbanking Finance Companies (NBFC-MFIs). This focus provides a better understanding of the channels of the impact of microfinance on jobs and income. The impact on GDP and...

Shashanka Bhide, D B Gupta, Bornali Bhandari, Sanjukta Das, Madhura Dasgupta, Samarth Gupta, Devender Pratap, Ajaya Kumar Sahu, Jaskirat Singh Kohli, Ruchi Avtar
Mar 2021
An Evaluation of India’s Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan

One of the central objectives of the study on RGSA by NCAER is to assess the level of implementation and to evaluate if the scheme has been able to enhance the capabilities of Panchayats for inclusive local governance with focus on optimal utilisation of accessible resources and convergence to other...

Saurabh Bandyopadhyay, Anushree Sinha, Laxmi Joshi, Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal, Sanjukta Das, Gautam Kumar Das, Soumi Roy Chowdhury, Sanskriti Bahl, Vaishali Jain, Falak Naz, Rahat Hasan Khan, Sonal Jain, Mohit Krishna, Gargi Pal, Priyanshi Chaudhary, Akansha Agarwal
Sep 2021
NLPI Project Brief Nov 2021

The NCAER Land Records and Services Index (N-LRSI) has been prepared to measure the actual extent of digitisation of land records and the registration process against the achievement reflected on the website of the Department of Land Resources, Government of India. The N-LRSI also seeks to gauge the...

Deepak Sanan, D B Gupta, Shashanka Bhide, Somnath Sen, Charu Jain, Aswani Munnangi, Prerna Prabhakar, Anika Kapoor Yadav, Apoorva, Arundhati Sharma, Chandni Mishra, Disha Saxena, Falak Naz, Rupal Taneja, Vijay Singh Bangari
Oct 2021
Health Satellite Account 2017-18, Himachal Pradesh

Health expenditure is one of the two significant social expenditures, other being education, for an economy. In India, public expenditure on health is incurred by central government as well as state and local governments, with state being the primary provider of both finances and healthcare...

Poonam Munjal, Palash Baruah, Asrar Alam, Elizabeth Lyn, Animesh Sharma, Rahat Hasan Khan
Oct 2021
Tourism Satellite Account 2018-19, Himachal Pradesh

With around 20 million tourists visiting the State every year, Himachal Pradesh thus has a huge tourism potential. Tourism activity contributes immensely to the creation of employment opportunities and also in enhancing the State’s income through a significant generation of demand for goods and...

Poonam Munjal, Palash Baruah, Asrar Alam, Sundus Usmani
Oct 2021
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