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Health Satellite Account 2017-18, Himachal Pradesh

Health expenditure is one of the two significant social expenditures, other being education, for an economy. In India, public expenditure on health is incurred by central government as well as state and local governments, with state being the primary provider of both finances and healthcare...

Poonam Munjal, Palash Baruah, Asrar Alam, Elizabeth Lyn, Animesh Sharma, Rahat Hasan Khan
Oct 2021
Tourism Satellite Account 2018-19, Himachal Pradesh

With around 20 million tourists visiting the State every year, Himachal Pradesh thus has a huge tourism potential. Tourism activity contributes immensely to the creation of employment opportunities and also in enhancing the State’s income through a significant generation of demand for goods and...

Poonam Munjal, Palash Baruah, Asrar Alam, Sundus Usmani
Oct 2021
Education Satellite Account 2017-18, Himachal Pradesh

Education Satellite Account typically presents the financial flows within the domain of education, and is organised into a set of activities and products across various levels of education. These financial flows are presented for the two types of economic agents, that is, financing units and...

Poonam Munjal, K A Siddiqui, Asrar Alam, Gargi Pal, Sonal Jain
Oct 2021
Tourism Satellite Account 2018-19, Uttarakhand

Tourism is clearly an important activity in Uttarakhand in view of its immense contribution to both revenue generation as well as employment creation in the State. It is in this context that the present study, NCAER undertook this study to prepare a Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) for quantifying...

Poonam Munjal, Palash Baruah, Asrar Alam, Nijara Deka, Sundus Usmani
Sep 2021
Education Satellite Account 2017-18, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand has been performing very well with respect to the educational outcomes. Its educational parameters have been better than the national averages since the inception of the state. However, in order to improve further, the state needs to frame strategic investment policies which requires a...

Poonam Munjal, Charu Jain, Asrar Alam, Sundus Usmani, Sonal Jain, Gargi Pal, Rahat Hasan Khan
Sep 2021
Health Satellite Account 2017-18, Uttarakhand

The health sector has gained immense importance in the last several months since the advent of an unprecedented health crisis in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world. Currently, there is a higher-than-ever need to understand the financial flows of the health expenditure through various...

Poonam Munjal, Palash Baruah, Asrar Alam, Elizabeth Lyn, Animesh Sharma, Sonal Jain
Sep 2021
India and the Coronavirus Pandemic: Economic Losses for Households Engaged in Tourism and Policies for Recovery

India is among the many countries that have been worst affected by the pandemic. Its tourism activity by all forms – inbound, domestic and outbound – stood for a near-halt for several months. This makes it critical for policy-makers to assess the economic repercussions of the pandemic in real...

Poonam Munjal, K A Siddiqui, Devender Pratap, Asrar Alam, Dripto Mukhopadhyay
Sep 2021
India Human Development Survey Forum, September 2021

The IHDS Forum is a monthly update of publications, op-eds and data news based on the India Human Development Survey (IHDS), which was jointly conducted by NCAER and the University of Maryland in two waves, in 2004-05 and 2011-12. Preparations are underway for launching the third wave soon.

Sep 2021
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