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India's Transporatation Performance Index

Globalisation has opened up economic opportunities for developing countries in the form of outflow of value-added services, low-cost raw materials , human resource skills, improved market access for their exports, efficiency gains in their economies through technology transfer and spill-over, and...

Sameer Malik, D B Gupta, Sanjib Pohit
Sep 2019
Perceptions of Key Logistics Players

The high logistics costs in India as compared to those in countries that have similar business environments and are going through the same stage of growth is a matter of serious concern for both the country’s manufacturing sector and its comprehensive development as a whole. Several reasons are...

Sameer Malik, D B Gupta, Sanjib Pohit
Sep 2019
Quantifying India's Logistics Costs

The prevalence of high logistics costs in India as compared to other countries with a similar environment and level of development is a matter of concern as it poses challenges for the manufacturing growth and comprehensive development of the country. Several reasons are cited for the high logistics...

Devender Pratap, D B Gupta, Sanjib Pohit
Sep 2019
Subsidies, Merit Goods and the Fiscal Space for Reviving Growth: An Aspect of Public Expenditure in India

Budget subsidies have been defined as the unrecovered cost of economic and social services. The incidence of these implicit and explicit budget subsidies provided by the central and state governments has declined from about 12.9 % of GDP in 1987-88 to 10.3 % at present. The bulk of these subsidies...

Sudipto Mundle, Satadru Sikdar
Nov 2019
Enrolment of girl children in secondary schools in Rajasthan- A district level analysis

In comparison to the rest of India, Rajasthan continues to suffer from disturbingly low female literacy rate, poor enrolment and retention rates of girls in schools mostly the in rural areas, but also in the small urban towns. This research informs the design of a cash transfer policy intended to...

Anushree Sinha, Astha Sen, Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal
May 2019
The Third Tourism Satellite Accounts of India, 2015-16

Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA) are a powerful tool for understanding and assessing the economics of tourism and for measuring the impact on GDP and employment. NCAER has led the way in the preparation of these tourism accounts in India by pioneering the First TSA for India for 2002–03 on the...

Poonam Munjal, M R Saluja, K A Siddiqui, Prabir Kumar Ghosh, Palash Baruah, Asrar Alam
Nov 2018
India Policy Forum 2017-18

This 14th India Policy Forum 2017–18 Volume comprises papers and highlights of the discussions at the two-day conference in New Delhi on July 11-12, 2017.

Shekhar Shah, Barry Bosworth, Karthik Muralidharan
Jul 2018
Lead-Lag Relationship between Credit and Output Cycles: Case of India and US

To understand the interactions between real and financial aspects of an economy, this paper investigates cyclical relationship between credit and growth cycles in India and US over the period 1994-2013 in the frequency domain. Originality of our contribution is in the use of Multitaper method of...

Anusha Avyukt
Jul 2018
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