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The 5th C D Deshmukh Memorial Lecture 2017
January 27, 2017, New Delhi
India Policy Forum 2017
July 11-12, 2017
The India Policy Forum 2016
New Delhi, July 12-13, 2016
Release of India Policy Forum 2015-16 Volume
New Delhi, July 12, 2016
The Fourth C D Deshmukh Memorial Lecture 2016
Raghuram Rajan, New Delhi, January 29, 2016
The 16th Neemrana Conference
Neemrana, Rajasthan
The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for the New NCAER Centre
New Delhi, July 27, 2013

Past Events

Looking beyond the Pandemic: Winning Quality Healthcare for every Indian
January 7, 2021
As the world changes calendars after a grim, tumultuous year, Indians have been greeted with the welcome news of two domestically produced COVID-19 vaccines nearing emergency approval. If ever humankind needed reminding that healthcare is central to all economic and social wellbeing, 2020 certainly achieved that. Countries that had robust healthcare systems, and these were not necessarily the world’s richest countries, fared much better than others.

The Challenge of Vaccinating a Billion Indians: How to meet it?
December 29, 2020
The world is on the brink of winning the fastest vaccine race in history. As of this writing, two mRNA vaccines have been approved for emergency use in some countries and are being administered. An end to the Coronavirus pandemic appears to be in sight. But questions loom about large countries like India being able to buy, distribute and deliver the vaccine in an orderly and equitable way. And larger questions are emerging about the differential vaccine access between high-income countries and others, despite attempts by WHO and the Global Vaccine Alliance GAVI to build distribution protocols that are fair.

First workshop | Investing in Investor Education in India: Priorities for Action
December 28, 2020
NCAER’s newly established Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) Chair Unit’s organized the first of its series of five workshops on Investor Education and Protection with financial regulators. This session, focusing on the securities markets, was held virtually and was attended by more than 60 participants.

The NCAER 2020–21 Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy
December 21, 2020
NCAER, the National Council of Applied Economic Research, presented the 2020-21 Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy on December 21, 2020, in cooperation with the India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi. The NCAER Mid-Year Review (MYR) carries on the tradition started by Dr Malcolm Adisheshiah at the IIC in 1976. The NCAER macro team led by NCAER Distinguished Fellow Sudipto Mundle presented its latest analysis of the economic situation and its growth forecasts to an audience of policymakers, analysts, and others. More than 270 participants registered for the webinar which was also live streamed.