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Human Development in India: Evidence from IHDS
June 20, 2013

New Delhi

The India Human Development Survey (IHDS-I) is the first household survey in India to have a full spectrum of health, education, economic, family, and gender modules for both urban and rural samples. Today it is a premier public resource for researchers, policymakers and civil society analysts interested in issues of poverty, social inequality and human development. This workshop organised by NCAER in partnership with University of Maryland brought together researchers using IHDS-I data in India and overseas. IHDS-II, nearing completion, has visited the same households in 2011-12 and will be the first longitudinal panel data set of its kind in India when it becomes available for research.


Dr Sonalde Desai, NCAER, Prof Reeve Vanneman, Maryland, Dr Amaresh Dubey and other invited authors and discussants presented at the workshop.