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July 16, 2020

Held virtually

India Policy Forum Week
Monday July 13 to Thursday July 16, 2020


NCAER  held its 17th India Policy Forum on July 13-16, 2020. The IPF 2020 was held virtually. It commenced on July 13, with the 2nd T N Srinivasan Memorial Lecture, delivered by Professor Pronab Sen, Program Director, IGC India. Three days of rich policy fare and discussions followed, focussing on the impact of the pandemic and India’s lockdowns and the how policy is tackling the challenges ahead.


The IPF organised by NCAER promotes economic policy and original empirical research on India. It commissions original papers and policy-focused expert reviews, the latter usually based on robust, original research. It provides a unique combination of intense scholarship and policymaker engagement at the IPF Conference, held every year in July in New Delhi, leading to an international journal. The IPF in that sense is a lot like an open editorial board meeting, one of its unique characteristics.


An international Research Panel of India-based and overseas scholars with an abiding interest in India supports the IPF with advice, active conference participation, and the search for innovative papers that promise fresh insights. An international Advisory Panel provides overall guidance. Members of the two IPF panels are listed below.


Papers appear in the annual IPF Volume after revisions based on IPF discussants’ comments, a lively floor discussion, and the editorial guidance provided by the editors of the India Policy Forum Volume. To allow readers to get a sense of the richness of the conversations that happen at the IPF, edited discussants’ comments are included here, as is a summary of the floor discussion on each paper.


The IPF also features an annual, invited lecture. The Annual IPF Lecture for 2019 was delivered by Professor Stanley Fischer, former Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve. In 2019, the IPF started the T. N. Srinivasan Memorial Lecture, delivered by Professor Pranab Bardhan at Berkeley. In recent years, the IPF has also featured an IPF Policy Roundtable that allows timely discussion of a topic of current policy relevance: the 2018 topic was “India’s Healthcare Reforms: Getting to Health for All.” In 2019, the Roundtable tackled India's new National Education Policy. In 2019 the IPF added a concluding roundtable discussion on the policy and research ideas emerging from the Conference.


Event details of the IPF 2020 will be available soon at this webpage