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Request for Proposals on Methodological Experiments with Telephone Surveys in India
July 23, 2018

Request for Student Research Proposals supervised by Faculty Members
June 20, 2018

"Kathopakathan" Conversation about Women's Economic Empowerment
March 24, 2018
The NCAER-National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC) and Institute for Financial Management Research-India Initiative for What Works (IFMR-IIWW) jointly organised an initiative called Kathopakathan (conversation) on Women’s Economic Empowerment.The discussions at the Kathopakathan event are part of a series of activities to be undertaken by NCAER-NDIC for building research capacity, and promoting innovation and excellence in data collection in the country.

A Brainstorming Session on Methodologies for Collection of Time Use Data
January 12, 2018
A brainstorming session on ‘Methodologies for Collection of Time Use Data’, organised by NCAER’s newly set up National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC), was held at NCAER, New Delhi, on January 12, 2018. Apart from Shekhar Shah, Director-General, NCAER, and Sonalde Desai, Senior Fellow, NCAER and Director of NCAER’s newly set up National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC), the session was attended by pioneers and researchers in the collection of time use data in India, including Rakesh Maurya, Director, CSO, MoSPI; Devaki Jain, eminent writer and feminist economist; Ashwini Deshpande, Delhi School of Economics; J.P. Bhattacharjee and Sachin Kumar, NSSO; Shambhavi Srivastava, IFMR Lead; and Ellina Samantroy, V.V. Giri National Labour Institute.

Panel Discussion on Imagining a Statistical Data Architecture for a 21st Century India
December 12, 2017
NCAER hosted the inaugural seminar of its newly established NCAER National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC) with a panel discussion on Imagining a Statistical Data Architecture for a 21st Century India on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, at New Delhi. The seminar was attended by a number of distinguished invited scholars and policymakers.

The 2017 Rabi Season and Doubling Farmers' Income
March 7, 2017
NCAER released the Rabi 2017 Report at a national workshop on the Indian Agricultural Outlook: The 2017 Rabi Season and Doubling Farmers’ Income. The NCAER research has been supported by the National Food Security Mission, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, and Government of India. The workshop offered the Indian policy and economic research community and experts in the agriculture sector an opportunity to discuss current and prospective agricultural policies and their implications for the economy.

Roundtable Discussion on Caring for the Elderly in India: Challenges for a Society in Transition
April 2, 2014
NCAER organized a Roundtable Discussion on Caring for the Elderly in India: Challenges for a Society in Transition to examine some of the opportunities and challenges using a new and exciting panel survey conducted by NCAER and University of Maryland. India Human Development Survey (IHDS) carried out in 2004-5 and 2011-12 describes the changes in the lives of senior citizens over a period of tremendous social transformation. New results from IHDS framed this discussion.

Leapfrogging Methodology & Technology in Household Survey Research: Lessons from the US and India
November 13, 2013
This research symposium organised by NCAER in collaboration with the Survey Research Centre (SRC) at the University of Michigan initiated discussions on improving the sample survey research and practices relevant for bringing data to inform policy making.

Human Development in India: Evidence from IHDS
June 20, 2013
This workshop organised by NCAER in partnership with University of Maryland brought together researchers using IHDS-I data in India and overseas. This is the first household survey in India to have a full spectrum of health, education, economic, family, and gender modules for both urban and rural samples.