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NCAER India Land Portal

NCAER Land Records and Services Index (N-LRSI 2020) assesses the extent of digitisation of land records and the quality of these land records in the States and Union Territories of India. Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu emerged as the top States in the N-LRSI 2020. The index can help formulate State action plans to attain the goal of secure, assured land records that mirror ground realities and are generated by efficient titling services. The N-LRSI’s comparative assessment of States and UTs will make it possible for the States to learn from each other, with the best performing States showing how the supply of good, reliable, accessible digital land records has been improved. The Central Government can use the N-LRSI to reward and recognise States and UTs that perform better on the Index so that the others are encouraged to improve their standing.


The data underlying the LRSI is available at NCAER India Land Portal