NCAER’s IEPF Chair Unit conducts research on contemporary issues related to investor education and protection and an analysis of related economic, legal, and regulatory issues

NCAER established Investor Education & Protection Fund Chair Unit in 2020 with funding from the Investor Education & Protection Fund Authority, Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The specific objectives of the five-year programme of work of the Unit are to: (i) Undertake research on the behaviour of Indian investors, their education on financial and investment products, on policies to protect investors, and on the effectiveness of investor education and protection programmes in India; (ii) Undertake research on the legal, regulatory, and procedural issues that weaken investor protection and make market participation more risky than it need be; (iii) Foster collaboration among economists, lawyers, policymakers, regulators, and Courts and Tribunals in the broad areas of law, economics, and justice in land policy, and in areas dealing with investors and investor education; (iv) Conduct seminars and conferences in the above areas; and (v) Carry out by mutual consent additional work specifically for IEPFA on terms mutually agreed between IEPFA and NCAER.