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The NCAER Library is one of India’s premier research libraries in applied economics. Set up in 1956 when NCAER was established, the library has provided solid research support for almost 60 years to NCAER’s researchers and to policy makers, researchers, consultants, students and others from all over India and overseas. The NCAER Library’s physical collections include approximately 28,000 printed volumes and over 34,000 Government of India and state government official reports,15,000 other documents, and an increasing collection of resources in electronic format. NCAER subscribes to more than 270 serial and periodical titles. It also provides access to multiple online databases. NCAER’s collection of Indian economics documents and economic data, going back to soon after India’s independence, is unparalleled in its depth and breadth. 


The library subscribes to about 250 journals and databases like PROWESS, Capex, Indiastat.com, India Trades and Agriwatch. Access to e-journals and back-filed collections through Science Direct and J-store are also available. NCAER is a depository library for the Asian Development Bank, the IMF, and the United Nations. The library has continued to provide excellent indexing services through our quarterly publication Artha Suchi, which now has more than 30,000 bibliographical references.


Libraries are experiencing major shifts in the way information is stored and accessed, creating immense new digital opportunities. Digital preservation will be critical to provide access to some of our irreplaceable collections. Digitization will be a priority agenda for the library in the years ahead, particularly for the 1,300 or so unique reports in the library that constitute a formidable intellectual property and need protection and preservation.


For all queries, please email:  library@ncaer.org