Debasis Barik

Debasis Barik is an Associate Fellow at NCAER, working with the Indian Human Development Survey (IHDS) team. His research interests lie in public health, demography, migration, gender, labour and social security. His dissertation was centered on the health and economic implications of ageing population in Indian states. His current research focuses on health and health systems.  His other research interests include analysing the issues arising out of demographic transition in India. 

Tarujyoti Buragohain

Tarujyoti Buragohain is an Associate Fellow at NCAER., Her research interests include infrastructure and energy issues. She has written several project reports for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and the Ministry of Human Research Development.  She has been a member of the Advisory Committee for Monitoring and Evaluation of Solar Photovoltaics in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy,  a member of the Research Advisory Committee on Tribal Development Research in the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and is a life member of Bhartiya Arthik Shodh Sansthan and the Input–Output Research Association.

Sonalde Desai

Sonalde Desai is a Senior Fellow at NCAER with a joint appointment as Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland.  She is a demographer whose work deals primarily with human development in developing countries with a particular focus on gender and class inequalities. While most of her research focusses on India, she has also undertaken comparative studies across South Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.  She has published articles in a wide range of sociology and demography journals. At present, she is leading a large national representative panel survey, India Human Development Survey, at NCAER.

Amaresh Dubey

Prabir Kumar Ghosh

Prabir Kumar Ghosh is an Associate Fellow at NCAER. Currently, he is involved in coordinating all-India level survey work and analysis of large scale primary data. His research interests include development economics, human development, income, expenditure, poverty & nutrition, demography, and budgetary analysis on social sector & poverty alleviation programs. 

Jaya Koti

Jaya Koti is a Project Analyst at NCAER.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Rural Development from IGNOU. She has worked on various projects like “Under Nutrition and Public Policy in India”, “India Human Development Survey”, “e-Readiness” and “Impact Assessment and Economic Benefits of Weather and Marine Services (MoES)”, etc. Her areas of research interests are health, education, rural development and gender inequality. Her expertise lies in data handling. She has worked with large data sets such as the NSS, NFHS and IHDS.  She primarily works with different statistical software and operating systems, including STATA & SPSS.

Om Prakash Sharma

O. P. Sharma is an Associate Fellow at the NCAER, specialising in primary data collection, field management, field training, coding and editing. He is currently the project coordinator for the India Human Development Survey-II. Some of the other studies he has worked on include: Fertiliser Consumption and Quality Seeds, Human Development Profile for India 2004-05, Rural Economic and Demographic Change in India and Third Census of Handloom Weavers. Between 1988 and 2007, he headed the NCAER Field Office at Bhopal recruiting, training and supervising field staff and editing primary data. 

Anushree Sinha

Anushree Sinha, Senior Fellow, joined NCAER in 1989 and has held several positions since then. Before assuming her current position, she was NCAER’s Principal Economist during 2001-2003.  She worked in macro- economic analyses including Macro Forecasting Modelling at NCAER. In her current research she uses general equilibrium frameworks to analyse the impact of policies and external economic shocks on the social sector including the informal and female workers. She is a post- doctorate from the Department of International Development, University of Oxford and has been a Fulbright-Nehru Lecturing Professor at Rutgers during 2013-14.

K Subbaraje Urs

K.  Subbaraje Urs is an Associate Fellow at NCAER, with more than 24 years of experience in applied economic research, socio-economic and industrial research. His core areas of research are large-scale surveys, particularly in developing the survey instrument, calculating the sample size, and identifying gaps in primary and secondary data. He has worked on both large-scale household and industrial surveys with NCAER. He has been associated with several projects including the study on Integrated Child Development Services, Rural Economic & Demographic Survey, non-conventional energy sources programme, Business Expectations Survey (BES) and Market Information Survey of Households (MISH).