Analysis of Value of Urban Land Based on Trends and Patterns in the prices of land
The underlying rationale of the study is to identify the determinants of land values in the NCT of Delhi. The study, apart from using standard statistical tools, would undertake several case studies to develop a better understanding of the determinants of spatial and inter-temporal variations of land values.

Study on Impact of Investment in the Housing Sector on GDP and Employment in Indian Economy
The study aims to update and substantiate the findings of the July 2000 report of the same title. The study will assess on a broad basis, the inter-linkages between housing, construction and construction materials and to the extent practicable, the real estate development sectors, drawing inferences on the drivers of growth and key points on inter linkages. The study will also draw up inferences for possible short and long term policy interventions.

Collection of Data on Housing Property Prices in Selected Cities 2012-13
Collection of data on prices of residential properties in 26 selected cities on a semi-annual basis for the construction of a housing property index, RESIDEX. The data are collected, reviewed, and provided to NHB for the construction of the index

Evaluation of Alternative Models of Land Pooling and Development in NCT of Delhi
The study examines the financial viability of alternative models of land pooling for development of urban extensions in Delhi with a view to encourage private participation in provision of land and affordable housing. The study evaluates three alternative models of land pooling and development on the basis of realistic land values, market trends, and land holding costs during the project period, administrative charges, promotional charges, taxes, approval expenses and realistic sale price of the built up area. The alternative models also include any parameters that the government may consider necessary to achieve land development.