The 5th C D Deshmukh Memorial Lecture 2017
January 27, 2017
Dr Vijay Kelkar delivered NCAER's 5th C D Deshmukh Memorial Lecture 2017 at the Nehru Memorial Library Auditorium, Teen Murti Bhavan, in New Delhi. Dr Kelkar spoke on his Reflections on the Art and Science of Policymaking. The distinguished audience included eminent economists, civil servants, industry analysts, media and a large number of students. Dr Bimal Jalan, former President of NCAER’s Governing Body and former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, was the evening’s Guest of Honour.

Investor-friendly India: How are India's States Faring? A NCAER-PRI Dialogue
December 20, 2016
NCAER organized an NCAER-PRI video-dialogue, the third in the series of an on-going dialogue with PRI. The theme of the dialogue was India’s investment climate and focused particularly on India’s states. PRI, the Policy Research Institute in Japan, is affiliated with the Japanese Ministry of Finance. The Dialogue follows two earlier video-dialogues in February and June 2015 and is part of the work envisaged by NCAER and PRI to foster joint work and greater collaboration in enhancing economic relations between Japan and India.

Measuring Money: Using Divisia Monetary Aggregates to avoid Policy Mishaps
November 22, 2016
In this seminar held at NCAER, a presentation by Dr Soumya Bhadury, Associate Fellow at NCAER explored the potential role of Divisia monetary aggregates in the Indian context, including how better data can assist the new Monetary Policy Committee decision-making process. Besides, explaining the Divisia aggregates, Soumya explained in detail the experiences of the European Central Bank and the central banks of Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States after their adoption of such aggregates.

Global Financial Stability in the Age of Low Growth and Interest Rates: What is New?
November 1, 2016
A low-growth, low-rate era, accompanied by increased political and policy uncertainty, is creating many challenges for policymakers, banks, and corporates in all parts of the world. In this seminar, Dr Ratna Sahay, Acting Director of the IMF’s Monetary and Capital Markets Department, presented the key findings of the IMF’s October 2016 Global Financial Stability Report that analyses these challenges and offers solutions for fostering stability.

Training Workshop on proposed Impact Assessment Study of Digital India Land Records Modernization program (DI-LRMP)
September 27, 2016
NCAER organized a training workshop for the proposed Impact Assessment Study of Digital India Land Records Modernization program (DI-LRMP), as a follow up to an earlier preparatory meeting held on 30 August, 2016. The workshop was conducted by Deepak Sanan who is the technical advisor for this proposed study and was chaired by Prof. D B Gupta, a Senior Consultant at NCAER.

The India Policy Forum Lecture 2016
July 12, 2016
Dr Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic Advisor, Government of India delivered the India Policy Forum Lecture 2016. He spoke on India and the “India and the Global Economy Post-Brexit”.He also released NCAER’s 2015-16 India Policy Forum volume on this occasion.

India launch of the World Development Report 2016 on Digital Dividends
May 10, 2016
NCAER and The World Bank co-hosted the India launch of the World Development Report 2016 on Digital Dividends, followed by a roundtable discussion on how to best speed up India’s digital transformation and reap the digital dividends of faster growth, greater opportunity and jobs, and better service delivery for India.

Looking East: India and the East Asian Policy Experience
May 3, 2016
A conversation around the IMF’s Spring 2016 Asia and Pacific Regional Economic Outlook (REO), Building on Asia’s Strengths during Turbulent Times, led by Dr Thomas Richardson, Senior IMF Resident Representative in India, Nepal, and Bhutan was held at NCAER, following the official release of the report today.

State of the Economy Seminar April 2016
February 4, 2016
NCAER released its widely-reported Quarterly Review of the Economy at this seminar held at NCAER. The report includes review of the Indian Economy 2015-16 and the Forecast for 2016-17.

Malcolm Adiseshiah Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy 2015-16
November 14, 2015
The Review of Indian Economy presented by NCAER today, covered the performance of the economy during the first half of the current fiscal year and made projections for the later part of the year. The presentations were Webcast Live, enabling remote participation.

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