Pre-launch Survey Report of Insurance Awareness Campaign

The study seeks to analyse (a) the awareness levels of the insured population of their rights as per the Act, policyholder protection regulations, different types of insurances such as life insurance including term, premium, endowment, ULIPs, health insurance, general insurance, including household items, and levels of protection available for various types of insurance; (b) study and analyse the awareness levels of the uninsured on the need for insurance, types of insurances available, insurance interest, benefits of insurance, and benefits of ULIP investment; and (c) generate a socioeconomic profile of the insured and uninsured population by various socioeconomic parameters like religion, caste, income, occupation, age, literacy levels, family size, etc.

Anushree SinhaRajesh Kumar Jaiswal,  Barun Deb Pal, Ramamani Sundar, Geetha Natesh