Aviation Meteorological Services, Sea Water Desalination, Ornamental Fish Culture, and Lobster and Crab Fattening: Economic Benefits, Project Impact Analyses and Technology Policy

The key objective of the study is to assess the economic benefits of five different services provided by the Ministry of Earth Science. These services are aviation meteorological services, marine water desalination, ornamental fish culture, lobster and crab fattening. The study outlines a ‘technology policy’ for seawater desalination considering environmental and ecological factors. It also analyses project impact through the construction of an input-output model at the district/project impact area level. The study also briefly examines the National Institute of Ocean Technology’s efforts to develop a methodology for breeding lobsters and mud crabs in an open sea environment.

R Venkatesan,  Ramesh Kolli, Sohini Paul, Mridusmita Bordoloi, R P Katyal,  Monisha GroverJaya Koti,  Rowena Robertson, Devkanya Chakravarty, Vatsal Maheshwari
Sep 2012