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Fiscal Federalism and Competitive Bidding for Foreign Investment as a Multistage Game

This paper models the behavior of states in a federal country wising to attract foreign firms to locate within their own individual jurisdictions.

Raghbendra Jha, Hari K. Nagarajan, Kolumum R. Nagarajan
Dec 2012
Does Inheritance Law Reform Improve Women's Access to Capital? Evidence from Urban India

This paper explores the impacts of the amendment to the 1956 Hindu Succession Act on Hindu females’ intergenerational transfers of physical and human capital. Information on the timing of three generations’ key life events helps isolate the causal effects.

Klaus Deininger, Songqing Jin, Hari K. Nagarajan, Fang Xia
Jan 2012
Can Political Reservation Improve Female Empowerment? Evidence from Local Panchayat Elections in Rural India

Reservations enjoy great popularity to overcome deep-rooted inequality. However, in part due to a short horizon of analyses, evidence on the impact of reservations and the mechanisms through which they may work remains ambiguous.

Klaus Deininger, Songqing Jin, Hari K. Nagarajan
Jan 2012
Do Changes in Inheritance Legislation Improve Women's Access to Physical and Human Capital? Evidence from India's Hindu Succession Act

This paper examines whether and to what extent changes in inheritance legislation impact women's physical and human capital investments using disaggregated household level data from India.

Klaus Deininger, Aparajita Goyal, Hari K. Nagarajan
Jan 2012
Wage Discrimination in India's Informal Labour Markets: Exploring the Impact of Castes and Gender

Although there has been considerable interest on wage discrimination, available studies largely dealt with formal rather than informal markets that are of little relevance for the poorest.

Klaus Deininger, Songqing Jin, Hari K. Nagarajan
Mar 2012
Can Political Reservations Empower Women and Affect Economic Outcomes? Evidence from Rural India

While many studies explored impacts of political quotas for females on public goods provision, knowledge on immediate and longer term economic impacts of such interventions remains limited which is undesirable in view of the widespread adoption of such policies.

Klaus Deininger, Hari K. Nagarajan, Sohini Paul
Mar 2012
Managing Health Outcomes through Local Governance

Has the devolution of responsibilities and finances to local governments in India produced positive impacts on health status and incomes of men and women?

Hans P. Binswanger-Mkhize, Hari K. Nagarajan, Kailash Chander Pradhan
May 2012
Access to Water, Time Allocation and Income in Rural India

In this paper we show that investments to improve the supply and management of water reduce the time spent in fetching water by both men and women, which in turn will lead to a reallocation of the time saved to productive activities, and result in increased incomes.

Hans P. Binswanger-Mkhize, Sharmistha Nag, Hari K. Nagarajan, Kailash Chander Pradhan, Sudhir Kumar Singh
May 2012
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