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Impact Assessment and Economic Benefits of Weather and Marine Services

The study aims to estimate the economic and social benefits of the services provided by the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) as well as benefits realised by beneficiaries and their perception about the reliability and utility of such services.

R Venkatesan, Laxmi Joshi
A Study of the Contribution of the Goan Iron Ore Mining Industry

In recent years, the operation of the Iron ore industry in Goa has been under strict watch from the environmental perspective.

R Venkatesan, Rumki Majumdar
Caste in a Different Mould: Understanding Discrimination

The report brings together original, rich and nuanced data on the relationship between caste and economic patterns.

Rajesh Shukla, Sunil Jain, Preeti Kakkar
How India Earns, Spends and Saves: Unmasking the Real India

This publication is based on the National Survey of Household Income and Expenditure 2004–05 (NSHIE), covering over 63,000 households out of a preliminary listed sample of 440,000 in rural and urban India spread over 24 states.

Rajesh Shukla
Indian Youth: Demographics and Readership

This report explores the reading habits of literate youth in the age group of 13 to 35 with special focus on 'leisure books' or 'non-text' reading material.

Rajesh Shukla, Palash Baruah, Joydeep Goswami, Rupinder Kaur, Preeti Kakkar, Lokesh Dwivedi, Harsha T. Dutt, Pallavi Kalita, K A Siddiqui, Prabir Kumar Ghosh, Om Prakash Sharma, Rachna Sharma, K.J. Khan
Handloom Census of India 2009-10

The objective of the Third Handloom Census was to build a database for the handloom sector to provide inputs for policy making purposes.

Rajesh Shukla, K A Siddiqui, P.K Roy, Prabir Kumar Ghosh, Rakesh Kumar Srivastava, Rachna Sharma, Preeti Kakkar, Om Prakash Sharma, K.J. Khan, Sandeep Mishra, Lokesh Dwivedi, Amit Sharma
Accelerating Infrastructure Building in India

In this study concluded recently, NCAER provides a detailed review of the implementation process for infrastructure projects in India.

Shashanka Bhide, Payal Malik, S.K.N. Nair, Ashwini Phadnis, Anil Sasi, T.K. Thomas, Amrita Chatterjee, Charu Jain
Reports by students receiving grant awards from NDIC

Sep 2020
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