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Macrotrack : Monthly Publication by NCAER

Monthly Publication by NCAER
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  December 2013 Issue Highlights

Prices: Inflationary Expectations


The spectre of inflation continues to haunt India.

Gender: Gender Educational Gap: Evidence from India

Significant empirical evidence exists which show that increase in educational attainment has a positive impact on both economic growth and development..

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT): e-Governance: Smart Government for Smart People

As an increasingly assertive populace demands greater operational efficiency, transparency and accountability from their government, e-Governance is seen as a partial solution.

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Margin 2005: Quarterly Publication by NCAER

MARGIN The Journal of Applied Economic Research

NCAER's flagship journal Margin has been re-launched as Margin-The Journal of Applied Economic Research and is now published by SAGE Publications. A peer-reviewed journal of original articles, Margin is a focal point for the dissemination of empirical and theoretical knowledge in the broad area of applied economics-specifically in areas such as monetary and fiscal policies, trade and regulation, international investment, rural economics and development economics. A major emphasis is on policy analysis and application of modern quantitative techniques to development issues. The journal is intended at encouraging economic research and analysis to achieve a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the development process needed for policy making. The issues covered will have a broad scope of national and international importance.




Shekhar Shah, National Council of Applied Economic Research


Managing Editor:

Rajesh Chadha, National Council of Applied Economic Research


Consulting Editor:

Anuradha Bhasin, National Council of Applied Economic Research


Editorial Board:

Shankar Acharya * B B Bhattacharya * Kanchan Chopra * Sonal Desai * Mahendra Dev * Andrew Foster * Kaliappa Kalirajan * K Krishnamurty * Deepak Lal * Sudipto Mundle * Dilip Nachane * Arvind Panagariya * Vishwanath Pandit * Raghuram Rajan * M Govinda Rao * V M Rao * U Shankar * Robert Stern


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Quarterly Review of The Economy 2006  

Quarterly Publication by NCAER
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  Quarterly Review of Economy Summaries
Summary: July 2013
  Quarterly Review of Economy
Summary: April 2013
  Quarterly Review of Economy
Summary: January 2013
  Quarterly Review of Economy
Summary: October 2012
  Quarterly Review of Economy
India Policy Forum

A Joint Publication of NCAER, the National Council of Applied Economic Research and the Brookings Institution Press

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Priorities for Primary Education Policy in India's 12th Five-year Plan; Karthik Muralidharan


Policy Lessons from the Implementation of India's Total Sanitation Campaign; Dean Spears


The Demographic Divident: Evidences from the Indian States; Shekhar Aiyar and Ashoka Mody


Sustaining Groundwater: Role of Policy Reforms in Promoting Conservation in India; Sheetal Sekhri

Information Technology and Productivity in Indian Manufacturing; Shruti Sharma and Nirvikar Singh


Quarterly Computerised Index

Click here to view the PDF View a sample copy of Artha Suchi Volume 4, April-June 2008 !
A bibliographical database on Indian Economic Literature covering journal articles and working papers received in the NCAER Library. The database has more than 40,000 citations and is updated regularly. A printed version of this database is published Quarterly as " Artha Suchi: An Index to Indian Economic Literature " .
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