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Macroeconomic Modelling and Policy Analysis
July 26, 2013

India International Centre, New Delhi

This one-day research workshop brought together researchers and policy analysts to explore specific aspects of macro modelling such as real output growth, inflation and the sector distribution of output; data limitations on improving model specification; and understanding the policy needs of model-based analysis for forecasting, scenario analysis, and empirical cause and effect analysis of significant economic outcomes. 

The distinguished speakers at the workshop included Mr Montek Ahluwalia and Mr Arun Maira, Planning Commission; NCAER faculty; and invited paper authors and discussants. 


The workshop deliberated on the following research themes in the context of macroeconomic models:

Fiscal deficits and Government debt: implications to growth and macroeconomic stability

Modelling of monetary policy transmission and macroeconomic management

Modelling savings, investment and economic growth

Modelling the impact of productivity, efficiency and institutions on economic growth

External balances and implications to domestic growth and prices


The workshop also included a session on the findings of a study undertaken by NCAER for the Planning Commission.


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