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India Policy Forum 2014|15 volume released
July 14, 2015

India International Centre

The India Policy Forum 2014|15, Volume 11 was released by Professor Arvind Panagariya and Dr Shekhar Shah at the India Policy Forum Lecture held at the India International Centre. The journal contains the papers and discussions presented at the India Policy Forum (IPF) held in July 2014. Shekhar Shah, Arvind Panagariya and Subir Gokarn are the editors of the 2014-15 volume.


The topics the IPF has dealt with over the years cover a broad sweep of macro, international, and sector challenges that the India economy has faced and the many successes and failures of policymaking over the past decade. IPF research papers are invited on the strength of their policy-relevance and represent some of the best empirical research on India being done globally. The IPF Volume is currently the most highly ranked economics journal out of India based on RePEc citation counts. An international Research Panel of India- and overseas-based researchers with an abiding policy interest in India supports this initiative through advice, active participation at the annual IPF Conference, and the search for innovative papers that promise fresh insights. An international Advisory Panel of distinguished economists provides overall guidance.


The 2014|15 publication is available on order through its publisher, SAGE.


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