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Capturing the Potential for Greenhouse Gas Offsets in Indian Agriculture
July 10, 2012

India International Centre, New Delhi

The workshop launched the NCAER project “Capturing the Potential for Greenhouse Gas Offsets in Indian Agriculture. The project sheds light on hidden sources of growth and dynamism that India must tap. This project  builds on existing research in this area by pursuing the case for agricultural policy reform not just on the basis of growth and employment gains but also from the perspective of green-house gas reduction benefits that could come, say, from subsidy reforms. The eminent speakers included Prof Arvind Panagariya, Columbia University; Dr Ashok Gulati, Chairman CACP; Dr Ramesh Chand, Director, NCAP; and Mr Pramod Aggarwal, Regional Programme Leader, IWMI, CGIAR.
An important issue addressed in this project concerns the extent to which broader policy reform in India’s agricultural sector might contribute to national emission reduction targets. Beyond these broader reforms, lie specific mitigation policies like ‘agricultural offsets’ which provide a mechanism by which sectors facing higher marginal abatement costs can tap low cost mitigation opportunities within agriculture. In some instances, realising mitigation opportunities within agriculture may also offer potential to further enhance existing Indian programs and policies aimed at increasing agricultural productivity and improving the sustainability of India’s farming systems. The approach could have beneficial international implications by clearly showing the central role that agriculture can play in GHG abatement in emerging and developed economies alike.