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National Surveys

National surveys collect data for the entire country: both the constituent states and union territories. Unlike the Census of India, which enumerates every household unit in the country, the national surveys pick samples of households from each state so that the final sample is representative of the entire country. Besides the government, NCAER is the only other organization in India conducting national surveys.
NCAER-National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC)
India Human Development Survey (IHDS)
Additional Rural Incomes Survey (ARIS)/Rural Economic & Demographic Survey (REDS)

Consumer Surveys

Consumer surveys measure consumer behaviour with a focus on consumption of market goods. These surveys are important both for profit-making organisations, who use the data to improve marketing strategies, and for those involved in policy design. Evaluating the expenditure patterns of consumers can help a government understand by identifying social sectors that need additional attention.
National Survey of Household Income and Expenditure (NSHIE)/Market Information Survey of Households (MISH)

Sector Data

Any economy is an aggregation of different sectors. To understand the interactions between these sectors within the economy, NCAER partners with institutions to collect data for a wide range of sectors like agriculture, fisheries, handlooms, housing, ICT, inland waterways, youth readership and business expectations.
Handloom Census
Quarterly Business Expectations Survey