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Current Openings
Position: Special Assistant to the Director-General Qualification: Masters degree or equivalent experience in law, economics, management, or public policy
Job Location: NCAER, New Delhi Experience:
Functional Area: Director-General Office    

Roles and Responsibilities


Job description

The Special Assistant assists the Director-General (or any other NCAER staff designated by the Director-General) on a day-to-day basis with analytical, planning, communication, monitoring, and process assistance on all NCAER activities. Working with other Director-General Office (DGO) staff, the Special Assistant will be  responsible for ensuring organisational effectiveness by working closely with other NCAER staff across all levels and functions.


Main responsibilities

  • Formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate strategic, institutional initiatives and projects of a short-, medium- or long-term nature.
  • Manage and develop high-value  donor, client, and sponsor relationships and ensure well-documented, timely responses to all communications.
  • Support NCAER’s external outreach, fundraising, and communication efforts through the NCAER website, electronic and print publications, blogs, social media, seminar, conferences, and media events.
  • Research and prepare briefs, background papers, speeches, and high-impact presentations for the Director-General.
  • Anticipate issues and concerns at NCAER across functions including HR, legal, finance and operations.
  • Work seamlessly with all NCAER staff, consultants, and vendors at all levels to ensure excellent coordination, collaboration, and communication on matters of interest to the Director-General.
  • Work closely with the Executive Assistant to the Director-General, and other team members in the Director-General’s office to ensure their high productivity, effective coordination, strong team morale, and a pleasant, enjoyable work environment.
  • Set and modify short- and long-term priorities, and monitor multiple, parallel tasks to ensure their successful completion.
  • Help  manage the Director General’s calendar, planning and preparing background materials for all important meetings, participating in meetings when needed, preparing minutes, and following up on meetings.  
  • Assist in planning the Director-General’s travel to ensure high productivity and low down-time, ensuring the soundness of all briefing materials, and join travel when needed.
  • Participate professionally in NCAER research and field data collection projects as agreed with the Director-General
  • Maintain complete confidentiality on all communications and information.
  • Any other functions assigned by the Director-General


Qualifications and demonstrated experience

  • Masters degree or equivalent experience in law, economics, management, or public policy. Superbly trained lawyers with litigation and/or policy experience interested in public policy and economics and in broadening their horizons ar particularly encouraged to apply
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills and a rapid learner with a passion for achieving results
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to listen, think clearly, and write persuasively under pressure
  • Ability to challenge ideas and proposals and offer alternatives withour deference to rank or age while remaining fully respectful of others’ views and open to considering diverse viewpoints