NCAER has a rich tradition of macroeconomic analysis, disseminating its macroeconomic perspectives through Macrotrack, the Quarterly Review of the Economy and the Business Confidence Index.
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Anusha is Associate Fellow at NCAER.  Her recent PhD research focused on using frequency domain time series methods to understand business cycles in India  and their co-movement with credit in India and the US.  Anusha’s broader research interests include business cycles, financial markets and applied time series analysis in macroeconomics.  She is currently working on developing an Indian equivalent of the FAO’s COSIMO model to project the short and medium-term agricultural outlook for India.  She received her PhD in economics from the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research and a MA in mathematics from Delhi University.

Mridula Duggal

Mridula Duggal is a Research Associate at NCAER. She completed her Masters in Economics and International Financial Economics from the University of Warwick, UK. Her course of specialisation was Monetary Economics, which is also underpinned in her dissertation titled ‘Macroeconomic Effects of Inflation Targeting’.  Her areas of interest are Macroeconomics particularly, Monetary Economics and International Economics.

Soumya Bhadury

Soumya Bhadury is an Associate Fellow at NCAER with primary research interest in Macroeconomics, International Economics and Time Series Econometrics. Soumya is interested in the areas of monetary transmission mechanism, monetary theory and policy and exchange rates. He is currently developing the monetary block of the NCAER’s original Macro-Econometric Model of the Indian economy. Soumya received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Kansas, U.S.A. His dissertation focusses on the role of correctly measured monetary aggregates like ‘Divisia’ in exchange rate determination for the open economies.

Bornali Bhandari

Bornali Bhandari is a Fellow at NCAER with a background in international economics and macroeconomics, specifically focussing on the impact of globalisation on development. Currently she is working on analysing the shortcomings of the Indian FDI statistical system. Her wider research interests include analysis of infrastructure, particularly the roads and ICT sectors, G-20 issues like climate change, finance and reserve currency and trade-related issues.  She is also co-ordinating NCAER’s macro publications –the Quarterly Review of the Economy and Macrotrack

Tulika Bhattacharya

Tulika is an Associate Fellow at NCAER with primary research interests in inter-sectoral linkages and Input-Output Analysis. Pursuing her Ph.D at Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore, she is in the final stages of submitting her PhD thesis on “Measuring Linkages to Identify Key Economic Sectors in India: An Input-Output Analysis.” Her research focuses on the measurement of backward and forward output and employment linkages for 23 sectors of Indian economy using CSO and NSSO data for multiple years. The work also looks at total factor productivity growth and efficient energy usage for these linked sectors. Tulika’s broader research interests are Macro Economics and Econometrics. She holds a MSc. Degree in Economics from University of Calcutta.